Séminaire de recherche sur la ville

How to increase booking intentions in sustainable hotels ?

***CONFÉRENCE ANNULÉE**** Le jeudi 4 octobre 2018, de 12 h 45 à 13 h 45
Local R-4880, pavillon des sciences de la gestion, UQAM
315, est, rue Sainte-Catherine


Understanding customer perceptions of sustainability benefits of booking or staying in a sustainable hotel is useful for product marketing and communication. Such knowledge could be particularly important to create effective marketing materials to attract new potential guests into sustainably managed hotels. However, the marketing of sustainably hotels is still challenging, since it is not clearly known which specific sustainability information can lead to higher booking intentions amongst various market groups. This presentation provides an overview about the tourist understanding and preferences about the benefits of booking a sustainable hotel. The presentation will outline a recent international study that compared market perceptions from Switzerland, Germany and USA using a qualitative and quantitative study. All findings confirm the importance of sustainability perceptions to booking intentions. The quantitative analysis (N=2564) using multi group structural equation modelling (SEM) suggests that benefit perceptions relate both to “environmental” and to the social attributes of a hotel such “authentic experience”. This has practical implications for hotel marketing as well as for future research.


Julianna Priskin is an expert in sustainable tourism management, having 15 years of applied research and consulting experience from Australia, Canada and Switzerland. Her past research work focused on the environmental impacts of tourism in coastal regions, managing visitor impacts in protected areas as well as understanding the eco and nature-based visitor experience in national parks. Julianna Priskin joined the research team at the Tourism Institute (ITW) in 2012 where she is currently involved with various projects focusing on understanding the demand side of sustainable tourism, including how to effectively market and communicate sustainable tourism products to different tourism markets.