Éditeur: Routledge, 2021

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Grasping for the American Dream. Racial Segregation, Social Mobility and Homeownership


Jeudi 4 novembre 2021 (Zoom)

12 h 00 à 13 h 30

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African American homebuyers continue to pay more for and get less from homeownership. This book explains the motivations for pursuing homeownership amongst working-class African Americans despite the structural conditions that make it less economically and socially rewarding for this group. Fervent adherence to the American Dream ideology amongst working-class African Americans makes them more vulnerable to exploitation in a structurally racist housing market.  Working class African Americans remained committed to homeownership, in part because of the moral status attached to achieving this goal. For African American homebuyers, success at the American Dream of homeownership is directly related to the longstanding dream of equality. For the aspiring homebuyers in this study, delayed homeownership was a practical problem, but they also experienced this as a personal failing, due to the strong cultural expectation in the United States that homeownership is a milestone that middle-class adults must achieve. Ultimately, policy solutions will need to address structural racism broadly and be attuned to the needs of both homeowners and renters.


Conférencière invitée

Nora E. Taplin-Kaguru is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Convener in the Sociology and Anthropology Department and the Media and Communications program at Earlham College. Her research interests include urban sociology, racism and the sociology of technology. She is the author of Grasping for the American Dream: Racial Segregation, Social Mobility, and Homeownership (Routledge 2021) which investigates how African-American households make decisions about housing in the context of a racially segregated metropolitan region.


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Animatrice : Maude Pugliese, professeure adjointe en étude des populations (INRS)

Intervenants : Nick Revington, professeur adjoint en études urbaines (INRS).


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